Baptism - Entering The Christian Life On Our Conversion Jour

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Baptism - Entering The Christian Life On Our Conversion Jour

Сообщение AlisaSophia 24 май 2019, 11:15

Join me in declaring "GOD IS DOING A NEW THING". Believe Numerologist Review you will receive complete restoration. Doors will be opened that no man can shut. Believe you will be blessed with new ideas, new strategies, new businesses, second chances, new worship, and the list is endless. Whatever your new thing is, speak it. For the word promises us, if you declare a thing and it will be established for you. Your current situation isn't the destination, but a chance to experience something new in 2011.

One of the stories in the much discussed book 'The Secret' is about a gentleman who carried a stone in his pocket all the time. Every time his hand touched the stone he remembered to be grateful for something. As it happened, his idea had far reaching effects as other people started to do the same thing with positive results. The universe responds to positive thinking and gratitude is a very positive thought. So, as is quoted in the book it is important to have 'an attitude for gratitude'.Although any stone would do the job, carrying a crystal could be beneficial in several other ways.

Crystals have many uses, and because the structure of each variety is constant to its type, they will always perform in the same way. One small chip of clear quartz can hold and retain a massive amount of information. For those who are sceptical consider how these chips run our world from watches, to computers and washing machines, to name but a few things. Another use of crystal is for healing purposes, they can bring the body back into balance by energy exchange. Clear Quartz is the 'master healer' and is very easy to find, it comes in many shapes each having a specific purpose and contains every colour there is. It works by raising every aspect of the life experience to the highest level (mental emotional and spiritual).

Rose Quartz is a very gentle member of the quartz family and is associated with love, including love of oneself which is extremely important. It helps to release unexpressed emotions, and clears emotional conditions that are no longer of use. It is best worn over the heart as it supports the heart chakra but if it is carried all the time and serves as a reminder to stay calm and peaceful,it would be a very good gratitude stone.

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