Tottenham star outlines aims for 2018, feels two trophies st

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Tottenham star outlines aims for 2018, feels two trophies st

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สโบเบท Harry Kane says that Tottenham Hotspur can still claim silverware this season despite being all but out of the Premier League title race.

Spurs sit fifth in the table and are a full 21 points behind runaway leaders Manchester City, who beat Newcastle United 1-0 on Wednesday night to extend their unbeaten start to the domestic campaign.

However, Kane, who finishes 2017 as Europe’s top scorer for club and country, believes that the FA Cup and Champions League hold promise for the Lilywhites heading into the new year.

The striker scored a hat-trick in the Boxing Day win over Southampton to also break Alan Shearer’s record for Premier League goals in a calendar year, but says that team honours remain his primary motivation.

“I’ve always said that team trophies are what I want to achieve,” Kane said after the Saints clash, as quoted by The Guardian.

“We’ve got the FA Cup to look at, a competition we’ve got a good chance to win. สโบเบท

“In the Champions League we’ve shown we can beat the best and we’ve just got to see how far we can go in that.

“In the Premier League we’ve got to fight for the top four and see how high we can get. For me, it’s about winning trophies, that’s always the aim.”

Whilst 2017 has undoubtedly been an excellent year for Tottenham, there will be a tinge of regret at how their league form deserted them over the autumn to remove any hopes of a third straight title challenge.

They ran eventual winners Leicester City and Chelsea close in each of the last two seasons, finishing third and second respectively, but are facing an uphill struggle just to finish in the top four this term.

In the Champions League, though, they have been exemplary, topping a group that contained holders Real Madrid as well as German giants Borussia Dortmund.

Meanwhile, Kane’s strike rate means he is now being talked about in the same breath as the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, whose goal tallies he beat across all competitions this year.

The 24-year-old has a big 12 months ahead of him in 2018 as Spurs look to end their hunt for silverware and England travel to Russia for the World Cup finals.

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The research showed that 800,000 tourists watched a football match while visiting the UK in 2015, with 48 per cent attending fixtures in London. Persons who are professional academics have a real distaste for Fresco, and loads of criticisms are heaped on his head by such.

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