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Have you subscribed to many Microsoft products and services? How about managing and controlling them all from a single place? Sounds exciting! Well, you can really do this now by signing up for Account Live at It is basically a place where you can view your browser’s history, update your payment information, renew or cancel your subscriptions, erase data from a lost or stolen device, and do a lot more. We are not kidding! Once you create an account, you can view and organize everything related to Microsoft under one roof. Like any other account, Account Live sign in also needs a user to enter the registered email address in combination with the password to access the account. In case, if you forget any of these, you won’t be able to access your account. If you do not remember your registered email, then use your registered phone number to recover the same. However, if you forget your password, then perform the Account Live password reset process by visiting or process. You will receive a password reset code, and using that code, you would be able to set a new password. Thereafter, follow the onscreen prompts and you can recover your account. | account live password reset | account live com password reset | microsoft account password reset | | account live | account live microsoft | account live com sign in | | Account Live Support Number 1 888 315 9712

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