Hogger also sends his regards

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Hogger also sends his regards

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Hogger also sends his regards…

What should be tested?
Blizzard is looking to test how their realms of wow classic gold and their new Layering technology react under stress levels similar to what you would expect during Classic launch. They are looking to recreate this situation, so expect gameplay similar to a big game launch.
What is the content available to the Stress Test?
While the whole world is technically open, this realm has a level cap at Level 10. The whole idea behind the test is to see how Layering will handle, or not, the large influx of players in the starting zones.

During the last stress test, GMs had some fun spawning Classic bosses such as Ragnaros in level 1 areas.
How many servers will be available?
For the May 29th testing, there will be only one special stress test server available, a PvP server. Note, however, that likely no PvP will take place in the desired testing zones, as all starting areas are Friendly Territory (thus not forcing PvP like Enemy or Contested Territory areas), plus are protected by multiple level 55 guards.
How long will the Stress Test last?
The stress test will last, officially, for two hours, from 2 pm to 4 pm Pacific Time, with Blizzard heavily monitoring test in that timeframe.
How long can I play with the Stress Test invite?
Although the heavy testing window is only two hours, stress realms will be open until around Thursday, May 29th, 4 pm Pacific Time, for a total of ~26 hours of possible play.
I was in the last stress test, will my characters copy over?
Your character progress from the last stress test will not be reset, so you can level the character from the last test up to 10.
How do I know I was invited to the Stress Test?
You can check if you were invited to this stress test session by looking at your Battle.net App and seeing if there is a Region/Account dropdown with Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic option.
Will I be able to play in the regular Classic Beta afterward if I received my invite for the Stress Test?
Unfortunately, no. You will lose your Beta access once the Stress Test window is over. Getting invited to the stress test doesn't impact your standing for future closed beta invites.
Will there be more Stress Tests in the future?
Yes. There are two more Stress Tests scheduled, the second test being June 19th and the third one happening July 18th.
What should I do during the Stress Test?
Play normally, really. Create your character, enter the world, and just go around doing what you plan on doing for WoW Classic launch. The idea of the test is to emulate that situation in order to prepare the servers for it to ensure a smooth launch. However, remember, this is a beta test, buy vanilla wow gold bugs are bound to happen. Plus, since this is a Stress Test, the starting areas will be very crowded.
If you find any bugs, make sure to report using the in-game tool, by pressing F6 or by clicking in the in-game bug report window.
Will I keep my testing characters for Classic launch? Will I at least be able to save their names for Classic?
Nothing you do in the Stress Test or even during the regular Classic Beta is carried over Classic when it launches. Everything done in any beta is lost once it is over. Creating characters in beta also doesn't save you that name for when Classic launches. Remember, however, that for Classic launch, Blizzard is planning on opening Character creation and name reservation two weeks before the actual launch.
What characters can I create in Classic?
Character creation in Classic is a bit more strict than BFA, with only 8 races and 9 classes. Plus some of the modern options like Undead or Human Hunters are not available. Below you can see a table with all Classic Race x Class combinations.

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