WOW Classic players who want to move to other servers will s

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WOW Classic players who want to move to other servers will s

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WOW Classic Boosting World of Warcraft Classic players who want to move to other servers will soon be able to according to Blizzard’s community manager Kaivax.

“We have enabled free character moves for select realms to offer you a way to move your characters from the most high-population realms that have extended queues” Blizzard writes.

Kaivax wrote that not all players will get that free transfer though. Blizzard has listed all realms from which players can leave and the only servers where they can move to cheap WOW Classic Leveling Boost which means players in every other server are still restricted to their current realm.

Blizzard already listed some of the realms that can be transferred from in the US and the EU realms are likely to be detailed soon as well:

“For approximately one day the new realms will be restricted to only those players using a free character move” Blizzard explains. “After one day any player may create new characters there. This is to allow players using the free character move service a better chance at retaining the name of the character they’re moving.”

Players who want to move must make sure they aren’t guild leaders that their character doesn’t have an active auction listing or bid and that they don’t have mail to be opened. After all these requirements are met the option to switch servers will be available in the character selection screen. here now... well done more cheap WOW Classic Boosting from us! great!5% coupon:amvip.

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