Do you like to travel?

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Do you like to travel?

Сообщение Yola 30 сен 2019, 11:55

I ask this question to all those people I meet) I can say that almost 90% of them answered positively. I also do not like to sit in one place for a long time. I chose a job that allows me to fly a lot around the country and sometimes even to other countries. I have become a very experienced traveler now. But knowledge is never too much. Do you have any travel tricks? I don't mind learning something new.

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Re: Do you like to travel?

Сообщение Marcus_Gray 30 сен 2019, 13:00

I think the most important trick is to try to personally plan your trip. I mean not only the choice and booking of a hotel and transfer but also the purchase of plane tickets - I flew many miles in Africa before I realized that self-booking brings more bonuses. I'm always sure that I will get on the right flight now. Do you have a favorite airline?

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