How much paint do you use?

How much paint do you use?

Сообщение JesseVoss 12 май 2018, 15:04

Hi all,

Today, i came back from paintballing after only an afternoon, having used a whole case. This is slightly lower than any walk on only days as there were some people with rentals so i set a 10bps cap and kept shooting to a minimum.I would say walkon days, i would use about 3 cases. And im always conservative as i know it costs loads, so at most, a hopper and six pots for a game. (playing back in speedball- so its not much)And used two cases in a day last weekend. Might not sound like much but its £20 quid to play, and £40 each case. So post the amount, and the price and the games you play - speedball, or woodsball and whatever else.

Please help.

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