In play bets adviser, what do you think?

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In play bets adviser, what do you think?

Сообщение JensenBreck 31 окт 2017, 10:59

Hello everyone.

I am working on an app that advises on how to place bets on in play tennis games. It picks the right moment to enter, the right moment to exit to either make a profit or cut your losses.

I am interested to know how professional or semi professional bettors would value something like this. The system behind is solid. It yields constant positive returns on daily basis.

I would appreciate feedback about it. I am not promoting it here, so I hope it doesn't go against the forum rules. I just want to have a sincere discussion about how useful such an app could be for the people.

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References ... ink.25901/

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