How to get a job with virtually no experience?

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How to get a job with virtually no experience?

Сообщение JensenBreck 14 ноя 2017, 15:32


I had initially quit work to focus on school but my mom had gotten cancer 6 months ago so I can't afford to go back this semester nor does financial aid want to offer me a penny so I have no choice but to go back to work.

Problem is, I've used sites like Indeed and must've applied to at least 100 jobs over the past few weeks (all receptionist, supermarket, entry level jobs) but those sites don't seem to get you anywhere. Most places want ridiculous amounts of experience and for you to at least have an Associates/Bachelors degree (I was working toward my associates and only needed one more semester)

I've handed out my resumé but it doesn't seem to get any callbacks which leads me to believe that it sucks. (Along with my cover letter)

What websites/methods do you use to find work? I'm open to all suggestions, I know the answer is probably simple to a lot of you guys but I've clearly been doing something wrong...the wisdom of PSD would be greatly appreciated.

Please help.


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Re: How to get a job with virtually no experience?

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