Motherwell: Trevor Carson moves on after missing 'life-chang

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Motherwell: Trevor Carson moves on after missing 'life-chang

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Motherwell goalkeeper 188bet Trevor Carson concedes he was sorry to miss out on a "life-changing" move to Celtic but has not let it affect his focus.

The Scottish champions made two offers for the 30-year-old in January following an injury to Craig Gordon.

The Fir Park club chose not to sell and Carson kept a clean sheet for 10-man 'Well against Celtic on Sunday.

"Once it was done, I just got my head around it straight away and that was me moving on," said Carson.

"I took the positives and I found myself working a bit harder because I thought it might happen again, so be ready and give yourself the best chance."

Having spent most of his career in England's League Two, Carson admitted he and his fiancee Rachel did get caught up in thoughts of a move to the Premiership leaders.

"Me and my missus played a game of 'let's see what we could have bought, let's see where we could have gone on holiday'," he said.

"I haven't earned big money, I've been at lower-league clubs. I'm turning 30, it would have been life-changing money. Football's such a short career as well; you've got to look out for yourself and your family.

"It was disappointing but it didn't happen. I was trying to explain to (Rachel), the window's actually shut now. 188bet She was like, 'It might still happen'. I said, 'No, that's it, done, so put all them catalogues back'."

'I needed to be playing at a higher standard'
Carson's form this season has also caught the eye of Northern Ireland manager Michael O'Neill, who has called him up for Saturday's friendly with South Korea.

The goalkeeper has been in squads before but is still waiting for his first cap.

"It's probably the main reason I went up to Scotland, to get back in Michael's mind," he said.

"He said to me when I was playing in League Two that I needed to be playing at a higher standard.

"I haven't been playing any better than I have the last four, 188bet five years but the fact I've been doing it at a higher standard in the Scottish Premiership has boosted my profile."

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Re: Motherwell: Trevor Carson moves on after missing 'life-chang

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