A new super game field in the Paintball Park!
Дата: 27/07/2006
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Paintball field Kansas City !

A new long-expected paintball field Kansas City has been added to the existing 7 game fields of different scenario in the Paintball Park. It can be announced without any false modesty that the new playground is the most interesting paintball game field in Europe. At least – there are no analogues.

Kansas City – is a complex of a big quantity of buildings stylized like a full size cowboy town in the Wild West. Everything like in Westerns with all the corresponding attributes – buildings of Saloon, Sheriff, Bank, Jail, Post-office and so on. (8 rather big building all together, out of them 5 – with two floors), a lot of decorative elements that recreate the atmosphere of American West of the end of the 19th century – wood vehicles and wheels, barrels, jute bags, ties for horses, straw and so on.

However, it is better to see one time than to hear 10 times (or to read). Therefore, come and plunge in the atmosphere of the Wild West. Pleasure, adrenalin and fun are guaranteed!

We would also like to remind that there has been cardinally improved the infrastructure of the Paintball Park during the last year. At the service of visitors there are flushing toilets, left luggage office of personal things, warming winter fire, places for picnic and private rest and eating areas, canteen & snack shop, guest house and bath-house.   

The Paintball Park can arrange private events, office outings, corporate days, Stag & Hen parties for up to 150 players. 

Due to a big quantity of visitors of the Paintball Park during the weekends, we ask to reserve time for play in advance:
- By email: info@paintball.lv or orders@paintball.lv
- By phones + 371 7291400, mobile +37129547564, 25805835.
- In the office-shop, address Kr. Valdemara 40, Riga from 10.00 until 19.00 every day, except Sunday.


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