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Super gold left hand

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But Li Lei immediately understood that this Zhou Xuan was by no means as ordinary and simple as he seemed on the surface! With the old man and his father's mind, even if he is old, it is impossible to be deceived casually. Besides, isn't the father coming out well now? Can let the father do not have the pain, walks well, that must come the strength compared to any words, this is the best proof! Li Lei was stunned for a moment. Then he held Zhou Xuan's hand tightly and said in a deep voice, "Xiao Zhou, I apologize to you for what happened before. I'm sorry. Please don't care. I won't say anything else now. You will be the great benefactor of Li Lei's family in the future!" "Don't be so polite!" Zhou Xuan said lightly, but he appreciated Li Lei's persistence that one is one, two is two, right is right, wrong is wrong. Comparing the two, although they are both senior generals, Li Lei is more likable than Wei Haifeng. Li Lao's symptoms I only alleviate the pain, but the actual, real key, for the time being I can not eliminate, some difficulties! Zhou Xuan said, while frowning and thinking, it seems that there is a clue, but always can not think of that above. Li Lei was when the old man was as good as an ordinary man. The joy in the heart is not a little bit, thinking that since Zhou Xuan can eliminate the pain of his old man,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and also miraculously can walk. How can this ability be described as unusual? He understands the equipment and technology of the General Military and Political Hospital. The cinema line in this area is specially set up for the leaders of the country. All the equipment and personnel are the best in the country. It is said here that it cannot be treated, but it has been cured by this ordinary young man. What does that mean? Li Lei understood very well and made up his mind. In the future, in any case, I have to have a good relationship with Zhou Xuan. When I go back, I will immediately find out his background thoroughly. As long as I have a good relationship with Zhou Xuan, if anything happens to the old man in the future, he will not stand by and do nothing. A lot of things have to be fought for by himself. Don't rely entirely on the old man's situation to do things. What if something happens to the old man. Doesn't that break the line? Holding Zhou Xuan to sit down, Li Lei laughed and said,Beverage packing machine, "Let's talk about it slowly. You see, the old man is fine now. You also have time to think about this problem slowly. I think you are a little tired.". Tell you what. I'll take you there. A place to rest. Wei Haihong was stunned, Li Lei just looked like he was going to eat people, and always thought Zhou Xuan was a liar, but in a twinkling of an eye he treated Zhou Xuan more affectionately than any of them, and he had never seen Big Brother Li Lei like this before! Lao Li was somewhat delighted that his son was good to the savior, which was naturally what he would like to see. Only the old man shook his head lightly, feeling a little gloomy. Although his eldest son Wei Haifeng's position was slightly higher than Li Lei's, he was a net man. If you don't understand yuantong, your second son has made great achievements in the political arena. Look at Li Lei's action and expression just now. That's yuantong. Now he's an old man. If he goes there later, Haifeng's situation is not so good. At present, the competition at the top of the military is fierce. With his character, it's difficult to take another step! He is now ninety years old, no matter how good health, it is also the point of sunset, after all, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,water bottling line, is to dust to dust, dust to dust, when he is here, there are some old face, he wants to go, this introduction, face can be lost! The old man is sighing. See Li Lei to Zhou Xuan's expression, the heart is a move! Zhou Xuan is his lucky star, alas, unfortunately, Xiaoqing is deeply in love with Zhou Xuan, in his view is a good thing, a great good thing, but Zhou Xuan is not agreed, this matter can not be forced, otherwise, if Xiaoqing and Zhou Xuan become husband and wife. That Zhou Xuan can be his Wei family, although Zhou Xuan is not a military and political person, but the old man is very clear, with Zhou Xuan's ability, if used on the edge of the knife, it can turn things around, the great ability of the river, if there is Zhou Xuan's help.
There is no doubt that the Wei family after the exhibition is to increase the grasp, but it is always a sad dream. The old man sighed, even if not for the Wei family after the exhibition, that is also a kind of happiness for Xiao Jing, but Haifeng always treats Zhou Xuan as a root grass, has eyes that do not know gold inlaid with jade, and really has nothing to say. It is reasonable to say that even if he cures his incurable cancer, he can also know that Zhou Xuan is not an ordinary person, but Haifeng just doesn't care. I always thought that even if there were some strange medical skills. But he is not an outstanding elite in the military and political, how to deserve their daughter of the Wei family? Zhou Xuan, of course, did not know the old man's many ideas, and at this time Li Lei was full of curiosity about him, as if he just wanted to turn the smoke out from inside to outside to see clearly, thinking that since he had made it clear to the old man and Li Changzheng, presumably they would also make it clear to Li Lei that they were not worried about their secrets, and they did not know their true background. It's just that he may have some secret ancient medical skills, which can be fobbed off. Feeling really tired, Zhou Xuan said to the enthusiastic Li Lei: "Thank you for your kindness.". But I'm really tired. I'm going home to rest. Then I have to prepare for Yunnan tomorrow! Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered another thing. I turned to Wei Haihong and said, "Yes, Brother Hong.". I have one more thing to ask you for help! The first volume of the small lotus begins to show its sharp corners Chapter 146 Military Background The matter of Si Fu, Wei Haihong which a today do not agree. "Besides, Chou Fu doesn't want to ask for too much." You say, I'll do it right away. Wei Haihong said with a smile. Tomorrow I will go to the border of Yunnan to buy a batch of jade wool. Brother Hong also knows that my antique shop is empty. I am going to buy a batch of wool and ask the craftsman to make calcite by himself. The future and present of Jade are still very good. I want Brother Hong to help me get a passport or something, in case I need to go to Myanmar. Zhou Xuan for this poison to find Wei Haihong or easy to say, lift a finger,PET bottle Mold, but also too much, than their own to find someone to entrust that much better, Hong Ge also a phone call.

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