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Eyes moved to the iron gate, Chu Tianming saw ten deep sunken claw marks on the iron gate, and suddenly his eyes shrank and his pupils contracted. Looks like there's a big guy here! Think of this, Chu Tianming's heart suddenly a burst of joy, after all, the appearance of the big guy also means the harvest of experience, generally these alienated zombies are one or two levels higher than ordinary zombies, as long as one level higher, Chu Tianming can get 1 experience. Chu Tianming thought to himself, "No matter how little it is, it is meat!"! Here we go! Immediately, Chu Tianming grasped the alloy sword on his back, pulled it out and held it in his hand, and his body quickly shot at the roof. Don't get hurt! Otherwise I would have saved it in vain! As he galloped, he thought to himself that soon Chu Tianming saw several figures. Peak! After seeing the familiar figure, Chu Tianming's heart suddenly tightened, and then the speed was upgraded again, waving the alloy sword in his hand directly, and cutting the back of a zombie with a knife. Ordinary zombie reaction speed where comparable to Chu Tianming's hand speed, even if the two are separated by a distance of ten meters, but when Chu Tianming a knife cut on the head of the zombie,water filling machine, he just made a move to turn his head. He didn't even see who killed him, so he died under Chu Tianming's knife. Hard knife split the zombie, Chu Tianming huge force directly split the zombie in half. 'Peng' Feet landed steadfastly, Chu Tianming eyes staring at five or six meters away, the head almost reached the height of three meters of huge zombies, compared with this zombie, the other zombies like children. At this time, Wu Gaofeng and other living people also found this sudden appearance of the figure,Edible oil filling machine, immediately, several people have looked at Chu Tianming's face. Tianming! "Chu Tianming!" The forty-fifth chapter is the first order giant force zombie. [] Chapter 45 First Order Giant Force Zombie Sick a few days ago, has been used to save the manuscript upload, there is no more system, Mi Sha here to apologize to everyone, this evening Mi Sha has not been so dizzy, there is no feeling of vomiting, tomorrow should be able to continue the daily code words, in order to express the apology of these days, Mi Sha today added a chapter as an apology, starting tomorrow. Misha will continue to code hard every day, and pay attention to the book review area, several days did not go around, it is estimated that many readers have raised a lot of questions! Ha ha, Mi Sha will give a unified answer tomorrow, Vegetable oil filling machine ,juice filling machine, apologize again, hope you understand! Chu Tianming's figure once appeared in front of everyone, immediately provoked a burst of exclamations. There were still eight people alive on the roof, most of whom knew Chu Tianming. Seeing this, Chu Tianming just nodded at Wu Gaofeng and Liu Jin, and looked at the tall zombie in front of him with a dignified face. In front of this zombie to Chu Tianming's feeling was completely more than before the mutant cat, let Chu Tianming have a kind of feeling on pins and needles, a burst of thick breath blow on his face, making the right hand holding the alloy sword, can not help but more force. Detection! Creature Name: Massive Power Zombie (Alienation Level 1: Power System) Level: 5 Gender: Male Physical condition: Death Cell viability: 6 Cell strength: 10 Nerve response: 6 Mental strength: 6 Overall rating: Level 6 life form Possess skills: One strike (focus on all the strength of the whole body, hit in one strike, can play 3 times the power of normal attacks), virus infection Frowning at the attributes of this giant zombie, Chu Tianming murmured in his heart. How did this zombie rise to level 5? Is there such a big gap in the evolution of each zombie? You know, those ordinary zombies are only level 2 now, the mutant cat that Chu Tianming killed before is only level 4, and the flame zombie is only level 3. But in front of this giant zombie, it is clearly showing the level of level 5, and his physical attributes are twice as high as the level 3 flame zombie, the most exaggerated is that skill.
The normal attack is 3 times more powerful, which means that if he uses this skill, his hit can reach those terrible beings whose cell strength is 30! And Chu Tianming's cell strength now is only 16, where can he withstand such a heavy blow! "It seems that this battle will not be as easy as before!" Thinking in the heart, Chu Tianming hurriedly waved his hand to the people who were still there, complaining in the heart that these people had no brains! Seeing Chu Tianming's gesture, the others did not react, but Liu Xiaoxiao and Chu Yun were the first two girls to come to their senses, hurriedly pulled up the people around them, and moved to the position behind Chu Tianming. At this time, on a huge roof, there is only a tall giant zombie and Chu Tianming and the eight guys. Massive zombies looked at the eight people moving slowly, see eight people scared almost knelt on the ground, fortunately, it seems that he is also afraid of Chu Tianming this opponent, so did not make any blocking behavior. This, however, is to let Chu Tianming originally frowning can not help but frown more tightly. Does he have wisdom? Chu Tianming thought to himself. I remember before I left the dormitory building, Chu Tianming had guessed that zombies with mental power would have wisdom, but facts have proved that this view is wrong, in fact, there is no direct relationship between mental power and wisdom. But once you have wisdom, you must have spiritual power. On the contrary, if you have spiritual power, you do not necessarily have wisdom. This can be seen from the flame zombie and the mutant cat. Although the two are fierce, but Chu Tianming did not see the light of wisdom from their eyes, but like an unconscious beast, only know how to prey, where will be like this giant zombie in front of us,plastic bottle making machine, will look at moderation. Wait until the eight people walked behind Chu Tianming, the giant zombie just took back his eyes, which let the already sweaty eight people immediately relieved.

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