Nine-Life Cat Demon Manipulator

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Nine-Life Cat Demon Manipulator

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"Lost?"? Really lost it? Grape walked up to the magic sword Xiao Han and looked straight into his eyes. Because Aoxue was curious about what the map looked like, she took it and looked at it. Who knew that a monster suddenly rushed out. When things settle down, the map is gone. Ao Xue said he let go because he was in a panic. As if afraid that the grapes would not believe it, the magic sword Xiao Han added. Besides, the pink glass also saw it. Grape does not take it seriously and says, "That's it, I'm leaving." With that, he turned and went out. Do you want me to accompany you? Long Ao Tian Xia asked. Grape's head waved back without looking back. Chapter 25 the storm rises again. Joe and the three of them were chatting on the way to hand over the task. (Read the first of Literature Network) With his hands behind his back, Joe kicked the roadside stones and said regretfully, "How beautiful the grapes are!"! If it weren't for the distant legend that you must not talk nonsense when you see the savior, you can't say that I have become good friends with her now. After listening to Joe's words, the leisurely legend smiled: "But, I don't know if this cold beauty will be happy after you say it?!" Jo sighed and said, "Yes, a woman's heart is a needle in the sea!"! If you say she is beautiful, she says you are hypocritical; if you say she is not beautiful, she is not. My second sister is a living example. …… Lonely heart quietly listening to Joe and distant legend chat. I thought that I had seen beautiful girls, but I had never seen such a harmonious mixture of pure and seductive temperament. And the body is full of all kinds of mysteries,metal racking systems, I really do not know how much storm she will set off in the imperial city? Lonely heart is expected to be right. Today, the north gate of the imperial city, which is usually bustling, is very unusual, and there is silence all around. Grape walked on the road, the men's eyes were glued to her body, moving with her movement. Women showed jealous eyes,pallet rack shelving, and some women even tore the ears of their boyfriends or husbands beside them, trying to make them come to their senses. What's going on? Could it be that the ears are exposed? Grape nervously touched the top of his head, but the hat remained on his head. Eh? That's weird? Grape raised his eyes doubtfully, glanced at the crowd around him, and there was a sound of breathing one after another. Grape frowned. Dashing forward impatiently. As she moved slowly. More and more people crowded towards her. The grapes ran as fast as they could. Suddenly I felt black in front of my eyes. His whole body was covered with a silver-gray cloak. Look up. It is actually riding a horse and the dragon is proud of the world. Long Ao dismounted and carried the grapes on horseback. Grapes are constantly struggling in the arms of the dragon. He kept shouting, "Put me down!"! Put me down! See. Surrounded by people heckling: "Hi!"! Small! The girl doesn't want to go with you! Long Ao Tianxia hugged the grape tightly and said in her ear, "If you dismount.". I'm afraid I can't go out! Besides, the disease has come and gone. Shouldn't you go and see him? After listening. The grape nests obediently in the arms of Long Ao Tian Xia. Long Ao Tianxia galloped for about five minutes and arrived at the guild of the Dynasty of Troubled Times. Pushing open the door of the Council chamber, Youyou and Youyou were sitting there chatting. Boss, you're back! Eh? Who is this? He looked doubtfully at the man wrapped in a silver cloak. So Grape lifted his cloak and said, "I am Grape." "Huh?"? What He came and went and jumped up from his chair in fright. This is true. Long Ao Tian Xia said with certainty. Grape is obviously a cat! Come and go, jump forward to look left, automated warehouse systems ,shuttle rack system, right, up, first look carefully at every part of the grape, to see where she looks like the cat. Don't do this, someone will be unhappy. Youlai Youlai came forward and dragged Youlai Youlai back. Sure enough, the faces of Grape and Long Ao Tian Xia are not very good-looking. The difference is that the face of the dragon is charcoal black, while the face of the grape is purple. I became a cat because of a task. Grape explained to them. This explanation can only be believed to say: "So that's it." But the dragon is proud of the world and has come and gone, but it is somewhat dubious.
Grape changed the subject and asked, "Have you recovered from your injuries?" "En, yesterday the magic sword Xiao Han brought the last medicine back, can be so fast, but also thanks to your map." Grape remembered something and walked up to Long Ao Tian Xia and said, "Should you give me back the map of Chengshi?" "The map is still in the magic sword Xiao Han." Long Ao Tian Xia spread out his hands to show that the map was not on him. Then I'll go first. I'll come back for the map next time. Grape got up to leave. Wait a little longer. I want to eat the food you cooked. Come and go to see the grapes to go, blurted out. With that, he stroked his head and smiled sheepishly. But I've already made an appointment with my friend at noon. "It doesn't matter. I can ask someone to tell your friend." Some went and some came and said. Yeah, think of it as a celebration of my recovery. "All right then." Chaotic Dynasty's ingredients are very rich, grapes made milk cabbage, Saute Pork in Hot Sauce, Braised Common Carp, salt baked hand-torn chicken, sweet osmanthus honey beef, fish head soup, phoenix tail sweet shrimp, pea yellow, fried meatballs, pork fried noodles, wolf meat fried noodles as a staple food, as well as a variety of fruit wine. He walked around the grapes excitedly, and when he saw how rich the grapes were, he shouted, "Oh, my God, how rich!" " He swooped down on the grapes, but he was cut off halfway. At this moment, turn round to have a look, cry aloud: "eldest brother!"! You are so deceitful! The original side of the dragon proud world has been sitting on the chair to eat up, the side has put two empty plates. Seeing this, he immediately joined the ranks of grabbing food, eating a plate, his eyes still looking around, thinking about which plate he was going to eat again. Go and come and sit down to eat in silence,radio shuttle racking, although gentle, but the speed is very fast. For a moment, only the collision of chopsticks and plates was heard in the room.

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