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Pick a woman

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When Baochai appeared in the fourth chapter, she used the tone of a storyteller to comment on her "lustrous muscles and elegant manners." In the fifth chapter, there were eight new swords with rich and beautiful appearance, and many people said that Daiyu was not up to them. In the seventh chapter, she introduced Keqing and promised her "bright and charming.". In Chapter 21, Baoyu was caught between Xiangyun and Daiyu, and for a moment he thought he was enlightened, so he wrote an article entitled "Continuation", in which he said, "The immortal posture of Baochai and the spiritual orifice of Daiyu". Baochai's "immortal appearance" did not attract Baoyu. Sixty-three times, Hong Qunfang held a banquet in Shouyi, and Baochai drew a lot of poems, which were peony flowers that were "merciless and moving". Also note: a cup of celebration at the banquet. This is the crown of Qunfang. Everybody looked, say with smile: "Coincidentally very, you also match peony flower originally." Baoyu's reaction, however, was, "Just hold the sign in your hand and say, 'Let it be heartless and moving.'". These descriptions are very interesting. This sentence comes from the poem Peony by Luo Yin in the Tang Dynasty: It seems that the common east wind has a different cause, and the crimson Luo Gaojuan is invincible in spring. If Jiao Jieyu should pour the country, let it be merciless and moving. Peony and you are close attendants, hibiscus where to avoid the dust? Poor Han Ling after success, Gu Fuhua this body. Coincidentally,Magnesium Oxide price, what Daiyu drew was Furong. The color and shape of peony are gorgeous and complex, which is not comparable to hibiscus. In short, when Baochai is mentioned in the article, it seems that every effort is made to show that she is recognized as the most beautiful girl in the Grand View Garden. Baochai's appearance is not only "fresh and beautiful", but also her figure is "rich and beautiful", as evidenced by Baoyu's "Poem of White Begonia": "Out of the bath, the true ice makes the shadow, holding the heart of Xizi jade as the soul." One pointed to Baochai and the other to Daiyu. "Then Baoyu, with a pair of knocks,dap diammonium phosphate, said shyly," No wonder they compare their elder sister to Concubine Yang. Baochai was furious. The "they" in Baoyu's words were naturally not friends or servants. For one thing, these people did not dare to talk about the boudoir in front of Baoyu, and for another, Baoyu did not dare to talk about it in front of Baochai. They could only be the sisters in the garden or the maids of Baoyu. It can be seen that Baochai's likeness to Concubine Yang was confirmed by all in private. Baochai's clothes are also described in detail in the book. In the seventh round of sending flowers to the palace, I saw from the eyes of Zhou Rui's family that Baochai was "dressed in homely clothes, with only a hairpin on her head.". In the eighth round, Baoyu went to look for Baochai and saw her sewing. "On her head was a dark and glossy hairpin, a cotton-padded jacket of honey color, a rose-purple jacket of gold and silver, and a cotton-padded skirt of yellow silk. The color was half new but not old. It looked luxurious." Wang Xifeng and others were gorgeously dressed, while Baochai was much simpler. First, she was waiting for the word "boudoir", which was different from the status of a young grandmother. Second, it was also to highlight her "virtue". What is strange is that for the first time in Chapter 8, the description of the appearance of such a beautiful woman is as follows: "The lips are red without being touched, Magnesium Sulphate price ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, the eyebrows are green without being painted, the face is like a silver basin, and the eyes are like water apricots.". After reading these four sentences, people will have a feeling of loss. Is it beautiful? Beauty. But vulgar. The effect of such a description was to downgrade Baochai's beauty. Baochai's appearance is depicted again in the twenty-eighth chapter, "Xue Baochai is ashamed of the red musk deer string". In this special way, yuanchun chose Baochai as Baoyu's future wife. "Baoyu was still oblivious. All he wanted to see was her string of red musk." It happened that Baochai had a string on her left wrist, and when Baoyu asked her about it, she had to take it off. Baochai's skin is rich and lustrous, and it is easy to fade away. Baoyu looked at the snow-white arm and felt envious. She suddenly thought of "gold and jade" and looked at Baochai's description. Her face was like a silver basin, her eyes were like water apricots, her lips were red without touching, and her eyebrows were green without painting. She was more charming and romantic than Daiyu. The text of this passage is light and vivid, but it hides deep irony. Its text is "Jiang Yu's letter of love to Qian Xiangluo", during which the deep heart is inferred by the readers themselves. How could Baochai, who had always hidden her foolishness, not understand the meaning of yuanchun's gift? She should avoid wearing it. Even out of respect for the royal family, it should never be displayed in front of Baoyu. What is outrageous is that Baochai, who has always been the most reserved and most in line with the etiquette of a lady, seems to have forgotten the ancient ritual of "men and women are not close to each other", and has personally taken it off and handed it to Baoyu, bringing the "snow-white crisp arm" into Baoyu's eyes, which makes him imagine. Even if it is not a deliberate seduction, it can be seen that he is complacent for a while.
It's just that Xueqin wrote this meaning in a very euphemistic way, saying that "Keqiao" Baochai was in the cage, and because Baoyu asked a question, "Little" came off. Every time there is this kind of writing in the Red Chamber, what does he want you to believe? How interesting Strange is strange. Here, the descriptive words and sentences of the eighth chapter are used again as usual. Is Xueqin a person with poor language? Judging from the magnificence of the words of the Dream of Red Mansions, it is definitely not. Why couldn't he write Baochai in a more beautiful way? It is very likely that he is trying to deepen our impression of Baochai. Unlike when he wrote about Daiyu, he wrote about Baochai with a virtual pen, and everyone saw the effect. In the book, Daiyu and Baochai are described in pairs to maintain a delicate balance. Therefore, "Daiyu buries flowers" and "Baochai flutters butterflies": …… Baochai wanted to play, so she took a fan out of her sleeve and threw herself down on the grass. I saw that a pair of butterflies suddenly rise and fall, come and go, wear flowers and willows, will want to cross the river. Baochai, who had been led backwards, crept all the way to the green pavilion in the pond, sweaty and panting. However, how can a butterfly fight against the romantic attitude of Daiyu in a beautiful passage about the extreme spirit of burying flowers? What's more, he also satirized Baochai's deep scheming. I have to say again and again that Xueqin is very cunning:) Peerless Xue Baoqin Xue Baoqin is also on the list. The beauty of Baoqin in the book is purely in the side pen, and the style is very exaggerated. As soon as Baoqin came, the whole family became a sensation. First Baoyu made a fuss when he saw it. "All day long," said Bao-yu, "you've been saying that Sister Bao is a beautiful woman. Now look at her.." It can be seen that, first, Baochai's "stunning beauty" is recognized, and second, the beauty of Baoqin is above Baochai. However, if he speaks like this,Magnesium Oxide powder, he may not be able to do it accurately. "Tanchun said," As far as I can see, even his sister and these people are not as good as him. But Tanchun's words are authoritative. The beauty of Baoqin is vividly portrayed. Chapter 50 Lu Xue'an couplet:. stargrace-magnesite.com

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