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The female partner is not involved

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"Fifty catties?" Yan Langqing finally showed a surprised expression. May I? Lin Dan looked straight at her. Can "Very good, then ask Your Majesty to provide us with one hundred catties of glutinous rice, fifty catties of streaky pork, glutinous rice and streaky pork do not need to be separated, in a bucket, we go into the kitchen to distribute ourselves, if we need additional condiments, we can also ask the palace people separately, without interference.". Can you do that? Lin Dangong's attitude is neither humble nor pushy. "The emperor nodded his head and said," I'm ready. Let's go and prepare. " Each package of fifty catties of meat dumplings, for whom to eat? Is Lin Dan trying to support the people here? Not only did the emperor feel strange, but the rest of the guests also looked puzzled. However, Lin Dan and Yan Langqing had already gone to the kitchen one after another, and there was no time to ask what was going on. Even if asked, I'm afraid she won't give an answer, and wait until the meat dumplings are finished. Originally thought that this is a competition that has not yet begun to win or lose, but did not expect to be set as a suspense by Lin Dan, the shopkeeper Lin is quite interesting. No matter how the dignitaries speculated, Lin Dan, who had entered the kitchen, was already calm. One hundred catties of glutinous rice were packed in a huge wooden barrel,Diameter tape measure, which was carried in breathlessly by the palace people, followed by a barrel containing fifty catties of streaky pork. Lin Dan twisted the glutinous rice with his hand and nodded with satisfaction. Yan Langqing said in a gentle voice, "Your worries are a little superfluous. I won't be so mean as to let them prepare good food for me and bad food for you.". You pick the glutinous rice and pork first, and I'll use the rest. Lin Dan turned to look at each other, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, "then thank you for cooking." Yan Langqing slowly rolled up her sleeves. "Shall we start now?" "Ok, but before that, I have to stipulate the shape and size of the rice dumplings. Do you have any opinions?" Lin Dan took out three rice dumpling leaves,Wheel tape measure, rolled them into a cone, put some glutinous rice on them, tied them up with a rope, and motioned: "The same shape, the same size, can you make it?" This request was really strange, but Yan Langqing didn't think much about it. She nodded and said, "Yes." She immediately wrapped an identical triangle dumpling and handed it to Lin Dan for inspection. Lin Dan untied the two rice dumplings and put the glutinous rice back. "Then we can start," he said with a smile. Each of them occupied a stove and got busy. Yan Langqing first soaked the glutinous rice, then cut the streaky pork into thin slices and pickled them with seasonings such as light soy sauce, fine salt, sugar and peanut oil. When she looked up, she found that Lin Dan was burning the stove, and the glutinous rice and streaky pork were not touched. Rice dumplings are not wrapped, why do you burn the stove at this time? She was so surprised that she couldn't help but look twice more. It was only then that she realized that Lin Dan was not using firewood to burn the stove, Adhesive fish ruler ,Surveyors tape measure, but had specially asked the palace people for sesame stalks. The sesame stalks also carried a lot of ripe sesame seeds, which made a beeping sound when licked by the flames, and a unique burnt fragrance came out, which was extremely strong. Yan Langqing involuntarily took a deep breath, feeling more curious in her heart. Lin Dan, however, did not even look at her. He just gathered the burnt sesame stalks together, wrapped them in a thin silk cloth, and rubbed them in a cool white pot. He rubbed the clear water into muddy grey water, and filtered it several times with a thin silk cloth to make sure there was no residue. Then he soaked the glutinous rice in it. After the snow-white glutinous rice entered the water, it was stained with a layer of dirty color, and Yan Langqing's mind instantly jumped out of four big characters-violent natural things! These rice dumplings are made for several judges to eat. Isn't it dirty to deal with them like this? Her heart was full of puzzlement, but it was not easy to ask, nor did she want to ask. This competition is related to her reputation, and naturally she will not stop Lin Dan from dying. Lin Dan soaked the glutinous rice and began to deal with the streaky pork. The seasoning she chose was similar to that of Yan Langqing, with only a slight difference in weight. When everything was ready, she began to wrap zongzi. It can be seen that her way of wrapping zongzi is very sophisticated. As soon as her wrist is turned over, the leaves of zongzi are rolled up. Some glutinous rice is placed under it, a piece of meat is stuffed in the middle, and some glutinous rice is placed on it. It is gently compacted by hand, then the leaves are closed, tied with a rope, and finally a small knot is tied at the end of the rope. Yan Langqing also began to wrap rice dumplings, the size and shape of which were exactly the same as Lin Dan's. He wrapped one and threw it into the basin next to it, waiting for it to be cooked.
From morning to afternoon, each of them finally made fifty catties of rice dumplings and put them in two buckets of the same size and shape. Now they were cooked and steaming. Before everyone judged, Lin Dan counted the number of rice dumplings, then went to Yan Langqing's barrel and said slowly, "You and I exchange positions." Although Yan Langqing was full of doubts, she felt nothing, so she went to her barrel and stood still. Even if exchanged the position, she also recognized own barrel, could also be Lin Dan greedy to go? Only then did Lin Dan invite the guests. "Would you please go into the kitchen with two bodyguards and exchange the two barrels on the left and right?" He said. "You can exchange them as many times as you want. Of course, you can not exchange them.". After one adult has exchanged, another adult goes in and continues to exchange. After five rounds, no one is allowed to say how many times he has exchanged. "What do you want to do?" The emperor could not see Lin Dan's way clearly. Logically speaking, since the rice dumplings have been wrapped, they should peel off a few for the referee to taste, and then divide the winners and losers. But now, Lin Dan seems to be playing a game, and seems to be playing with everyone, who in the end she borrowed the courage? "Your Majesty has promised that the grass people will have the final say in this competition. Is that still the number?" Lin Dan did not answer the rhetorical question. The emperor twisted his eyebrows and waved his hand. "Five men came out and went in to exchange the two barrels." Tang Jiu, the king of Yunnan and Guizhou, Prince Cheng, Prince Gong, and the Marquis of Weiyuan stood out immediately. Yan Langqing hesitated for a moment, but did not raise any objection after all. Although these people are all loyal supporters of Lin Dan, they are not judges and are not qualified to comment on zongzi,Walking measuring wheel, so they have no hindrance to the competition. Does Lin Dan want to confuse the two buckets of rice dumplings so that the referee can't tell who made them? This method was indeed very clever, but she forgot that several of the old imperial chefs present were all from the imperial kitchen and were very familiar with Yan Langqing's craftsmanship. Several of them were specially invited by the emperor to teach her cooking skills, which was half of her master.

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