Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School]

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Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School]

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When the troops were reorganizing and preparing for the attack, Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro sent a telegram ordering the defenders of the Tokuishi Line to defend their positions and block the Chinese troops fleeing to the Tokuishi Line. Then he ordered all the artillery of the 23rd Division, the 24th Division, the 5th Independent Mixed Brigade and the Independent Brigade of the Garrison Army to concentrate on bombing the blocking positions of the Chinese Army on Cangshi Road in Xinleitou. Then, Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro sent a message to General Terauchi Shouyi, reporting that when all the resistance forces in Jizhong were finally encircled in the new base section of Cangshi Road, they were suddenly blocked by well-equipped Chinese troops, which not only rescued the encircled troops in Jizhong, but also caused heavy losses to the Imperial Army. In front of China's new weapons, the tanks and armored vehicles of the Imperial Army are like toilet paper, which can be torn as soon as they are torn. The blocking Chinese troops not only had a large number of infantry guns and mortars, but also a large number of heavy machine guns, which were used to harvest the precious lives of the Imperial soldiers. It was judged that this unit was the main force of Liu Yimin's instructor. With a burst of earth-shaking shelling, Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro felt better. He felt that under such fierce artillery fire, not to mention people, even a mountain would be flattened a few feet. Things were a bit beyond the expectation of Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro, when the Japanese infantry trembled to touch the Cangshi Road, only to find that the Chinese troops had disappeared. Received the report of Komatsuhara Dao Tai Lang will rush to the scene to see, here is clean, even a cartridge case is not left. After a few curses of meanness, shamelessness, and cowardice, Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro ordered the 23rd Division to be in the front, the 24th Division to be on the left flank, the 5th Independent Mixed Brigade to be on the right flank, and the Independent Brigade of the Garrison Army to serve as a reserve force. Tens of thousands of troops marched toward the Tokuishi Line and pursued the Chinese troops who had escaped from the tight encirclement with all their strength. As a result, in the front about 10 miles wide, the Japanese troops launched a battle formation, with flashlights,Fiberglass tape measure, lights, torches, across the Cangshi Road, to the Xinji line. As soon as the Japanese took this action, people kept stepping on the mines laid by the engineers of the Fourth Brigade. The hidden cavalry battalion detonated the explosive bag again, blowing up dust and broken arms and legs. Then the cavalry battalion mounted its horse and walked away, twisting the nose of General Taro Komatsuhara to one side. Xinleitou was only a dozen miles away from Xinji, and it was a quiet night. The sound of artillery at Xinleitou had already alarmed the enemy and our troops on the Deshi Line. The telephone of the Xinji Guizi squadron headquarters rang several times, and it was the Guizi squadron headquarters that asked about the enemy's situation and arranged for the troops to defend, and they were all fooled by Sui Xiaofeng. It was not until the strict order of Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro was issued that the Japanese armored train came to Xinji from the east and west sides, and the camouflage was exposed. There is no way, the Japanese armored train must be blown over, otherwise, let this giant join the battlefield, Walking tape measure ,tape measure clip, it is absolutely a killing weapon. As a result, with two loud rumblings, the two armored trains rolling down the roadbed from east to west, and the captain of the Guizi Union, who commanded the Deshi Line, finally understood that Xinji had been occupied by the Eighth Route Army. This time, from the captain of the Japanese Union to Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro and even General Terauchi all know. Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Michitaro strictly ordered the troops stationed on the Tokuishi Line to advance from east to west, to recapture Xinji, to close the gap, and to create conditions for the main force to wipe out the Chinese troops. After receiving the report, Hisaichi Terauchi and Lieutenant General Naosaburo Okabe kept silent over the map. General Shou in the temple couldn't figure out what Liu Yimin wanted to do, nor could he figure out how many troops Liu Yimin's teacher had. It is reasonable to say that Liu Yimin's troops have just attacked the 21st Division, and now they are fighting with the 4th Independent Mixed Brigade. In terms of distance and time, he can't fly to the Xinji area of Shulu County, but should gather and annihilate the 4th Independent Mixed Brigade. But all kinds of circumstances show that the situation reported by Lieutenant General Komatsuhara Daotaro is accurate, and it is Liu Yimin's instructor who meets the breakthrough of the troops in central Hebei on the Deshi Line and Cangshi Road. Only Liu Yimin, a bold guy, could tear open the opening and rescue the encircled troops in central Hebei when they were heavily encircled.
Could it be that Liu Yimin's main force quickly moved to the Deshi Line after fighting the 21st Division, and it was only a small unit of his troops that stayed in Linqing to fight with the 4th Independent Mixed Brigade? Think again, there is only one possibility, that is, Liu Yimin divided his forces, the implementation of the two-front war. General Shouyi in the temple opened Liu Yimin's file again and studied it carefully again. As soon as I read it, I was so frightened that General Shouyi broke out in a cold sweat. Liu Yimin's instructor is not a division, but the whole of the 7th Red Army, the most powerful Communist army. This army, based on the Communist Red Army in Kiangsi, was joined by the elite of Chiang Kai-shek's Central Army, Li Tsung-jen, Pai Chung-hsi's Gui Army and Ho Chien-hsiang's Army. It was equipped with the most advanced weapons of the Kuomintang Army and the Imperial Army. With three years of running-in training in Shaanxi, this unit has already been integrated. And the number is huge, judging from the situation of the military parade in Xi'an, I'm afraid it has reached 70,000 people. Up to now, if Liu Yimin takes the line of good soldiers, there are at least one hundred thousand people, if he arbitrarily expands the army, I'm afraid the number will be much more. In this way, General Shouyi in the temple had a thorough idea that Liu Yimin dared to confront the 21st Brigade, the Chahar Expeditionary Army, the 21st Division, and the 4th Independent Mixed Brigade, not because he was spontaneous, but because he had in his hands a corps with the most advanced equipment, the highest quality of soldiers, and the strongest strength in China today. When the situation was clear, General Shouyi Terauchi regretted slapping himself three times,Fish measuring board, so that Lieutenant General Naosaburo Okabe did not know what was wrong with the commander. He stood with his hands down in fear, and the breathing sound from his nose was as low as possible. After the slap, Terauchi Shouyi General Okabe Naosaburo immediately contacted the 4th Independent Mixed Brigade to inquire about the breakout. tapemeasure.net

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