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"Shall we make an appointment to eat hot pot together tonight?" He Na said with a smile. I'll see if I can call Yihan, too. He Na likes Liang Tao, so she hopes to have more opportunities to get along with Liang Tao. She knew that among the four brothers in Liang Tao's dormitory, Tang Zhong spoke the most. Therefore, she hoped to be able to use the cold autumn to attract Tang Chong to the past. When Hua Ming saw Tang Zhong's expression, he hesitated. Knowing that he was already moved, he immediately rushed to answer and said, "Really?"? Is Qiuyihan also coming? That's fantastic. I haven't seen her for a long time. I really miss it. "All right?" He Na giggled. Then we have a deal. At seven o'clock this evening, we will meet at the'Spicy Girls Hotpot Restaurant 'at the south gate of the school. Be there or be square. "All right.". Be there or be square. Hua Ming answered briskly. Separated from the three girls, Hua Ming poked Tang Zhong on the shoulder and said with a smile, "I can see Qiu Yi Han tonight. Are you looking forward to it?" Tang Chong was silent. Looking forward to it? Nature is expected. At the beginning of the New Year party, he never saw the cold autumn again. I don't know if she has recovered from her illness and how she is now. But what should we say after meeting? What should I do next? Does she have an answer to that question? Hua Ming slapped Tang Zhong on the back and scolded him, "As a boar, you don't even want to be a girl. What else do you want to do?" Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 225,endless swimming pool, I send you home at night! Chapter 225, I send you home at night! Spicy girls hotpot restaurant. Because the weather is cold and the hot pot restaurant is not expensive, it has become a good place for students to have dinner together. The first floor of the hotpot restaurant is already full of people, three or five groups or more than a dozen people have dinner together, and you can smell an attractive fragrance as soon as you enter the door. It's appetizing to watch. When the four people in Tang Zhong's dormitory arrived at the hotpot restaurant,garden jacuzzi tub, He Na had already arrived in advance. They went straight up to the box on the second floor according to the address sent by He Na, pushed open the door of the box, and saw only three women sitting inside with unhappy faces. Where is the chill of autumn? Didn't she come? Hua Ming asked aloud. We thought Tang Zhong was the first to ask questions. I didn't think it was you. What's your hurry? Cheng Pei was not satisfied with Hua Ming's gallant attitude and pouted. Hey, our dick. You don't know him, do I? Even if he is bored, even if he wants to die or live, he will certainly not ask. "I'm different from him. I can say what I want and ask for what I want." "It's really coquettish." He Na giggled. Let's order first. "Will the autumn chill come?" Liang Tao also asked aloud. They came to the hot pot dinner mainly to create an opportunity for Tang Zhong and Qiu Yihan. Qiuyihan is a good girl. Even if she can't be a lover, she can also be a friend. She can't die of old age and become the most familiar stranger? He Na is secretly angry in the heart, oneself make up meticulously, choose the clothes deliberately, outdoor whirlpool tub ,jacuzzi bath spa, these muddy boys actually turn a blind eye to, just keep asking whether the autumn will come or not. In addition, the heart also has some jealousy for the cold autumn. If there is no her existence, then he is the protagonist of this group of people? "Come.". Come here. Come here He Na pretended to be angry and said that she also took the opportunity to express her dissatisfaction with Liang Tao. Is there anyone like you? Each of you asks if the three of us are women, okay? It's too frustrating that you don't even look us in the eye when you come. Liang Tao and Hua Ming felt impolite and apologized one after another. Li Yuren is small and low, and seldom deals with people. When Tang Zhong and others were standing and talking, he had already quietly sat in the corner. Even more amazing, no one noticed that he had sat down. Even Luo Huan beside him did not notice that there was a man beside him. Passerby a also needs a level to achieve this step. I told you, as soon as I entered the box, I felt my eyes brightened. What did you say? The garden is full. Hua Mingshun grinned. He Na is a rose, hot but with thorns. Cheng Pei is a peony, noble and inviolable. Luo Huan is a Lily. "You are the Lily." Luo Huan scolded.
Said she was a Lily, didn't you call her gay? Why are your thoughts so wretched? We are college students and the successors of the national cause. Why do you always think about those messy things? When I say Lily, I mean you are quiet and beautiful, and you forget the vulgarity. What woman doesn't want to be praised as a flower? This is especially true of women who have never been praised as flowers. In addition to He Na's target is still staring at the'cheater man 'Liang Tao, Cheng Pei and Luo Huan two women all look at Hua Ming with warm eyes, if the time and place is not right, they all want to throw themselves into his arms to let him'violate'. He Na, a rose with thorns, looked at Hua Ming with a smile and asked, "What kind of flower is Autumn Cold?" "I can't say that." Hua Ming kicked the ball in front of Tang Zhong and said, "This question has to be answered by our second child." "The stars in the sky." Tang Chong said. Gypsophila paniculata? He Na Hua Ming they all think of Qiuyihan birthday, Ji William sent her a big bunch of baby's breath, said she liked baby's breath since childhood. They thought that Tang Zhong would at least change an answer, how could it be the same as the metaphor of a rival in love? "Why are the stars in the sky?" Cheng Pei asked. Innocent, weak, lovable. Not rich, not only, it is easy to be ignored. But when you look, she's all over the place. Tang Chong answered. Luo Huan sneered and said, "That sounds nice.". Gypsophila paniculata had the courage to run to the stage, and did not see that the flower picker had a little love for her, and did not know who was weak. Obviously,massage bathtub manufacturers, it was very difficult for Tang Zhong to eliminate the hostility of these girls to himself for a while. Tang Zhong did not care about their hostile attitude. Qiu Yihan is his apprentice, who teaches her how to get along with her roommates and how to get their friendship. He was happy to see that in the absence of Qiu Yihan, her two roommates would still fight for her everywhere.

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