As a medicine for tyrants

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As a medicine for tyrants

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Huo Lanyin's good-looking facial features suddenly pulled up and said, "Xianggong is so good. Can you get some food?"? I was brought here by my husband without eating a mouthful of the dishes on the table just now. Referring to what happened just now, Wei Zhan's eyes were slightly cold. Not long after the separation, the lady seemed to have learned to hook up. Huo Lanyin said bluntly, "But I have lost my memory. I don't remember that I married someone. Why can't I consider others?" It's not that she doesn't remember being married, but she's clearly not married. She seemed to tell Wei Zhan in this way that she had neither an engagement nor an emotional commitment, so it was her freedom to consider others. How could Wei Zhan not understand what she meant. Instead of being annoyed, he laughed. But this smile quickly put away, he rubbed Huo Lanyin's chin with his finger pulp, and lowered his voice: "I also learned to block the knife for the wild man.". It's time to pull down your pants and give yourself a few slaps to get rid of your hatred. The tone of his low voice made Huo Lanyin somewhat familiar, as if he had become the one he used to be. "To be honest, I didn't want to block it for him," said Huo Lanyin with a bitter face. Just to remind him to push him away. But "Hey!" Wei Zhan looked at Huo Lanyin's eyes and said, "But you are too stupid to be scared by the dagger. You are so slow that you can't even lift your hand." "Wow!" Huo Lanyin threw himself into Wei Zhan's arms again with his eyes shining, and his face rubbed against his chest. "I didn't expect my husband to know me so well!" Wei Zhan pressed the forehead angle with his finger pulp. This pompous acting is really disgusting. Even if they know that they are acting,tile profile factory, they can't be so perfunctory. Too much. Wei Zhan is thinking, Huo Lan Yin suddenly looked up in his arms, like a dragonfly kissed his lips. Wei Zhan lowered his head and looked at Huo Lanyin's clean and clear eyes. I was a little confused for a while. How can a person's acting be so pompous for a while, and so difficult to distinguish between true and false for a while? Huo Lanyin's curved eyes outlined a bit of charm. Wei Zhan pinched Huo Lanyin's chin and bent over, pressing her under his body to kiss her lips. He thought she would refuse to push him away, or even slap him under the clumsy pretext of amnesia. But she didn't,tile trim manufacturers, nothing. He kissed her soft lips, and the expected resistance did not come, on the contrary, she responded very naturally and gently. Wei Zhan opened his eyes to look at her with some surprise, and she closed her eyes cleverly and quietly. Perhaps because his movements stopped, Huo Lanyin's eyelashes trembled and he opened his eyes doubtfully. Close to the distance of the four eyes, Wei Zhan in Huo Lanyin's eyes, only to see thousands of miles of clear sky, clean and clear. Obviously a moment ago still disliked her pompous acting skills, Wei Zhan this moment but some can not tell whether this little liar is acting at this time. Huo Lanyin hooked Wei Zhan's neck, stainless steel tile edge trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, bent his eyes and smiled: "I'm really hungry." Wei Zhan stood up and said, "All the people in Jiuxiaolou have been kicked out. They have no food to eat." How about going home to eat? Aunt Feng's cooking is very delicious. "Go back?" Wei looked at Huo Lanyin, with a bit of coldness in his eyes, apparently suspecting that she was going to play tricks again. I'm going back. Huo Lanyin's eyes are full of sincerity, "even if you don't go home for dinner, you have to go back to apply scar medicine." Wei Zhan was stunned, and the horrible scar on Huo Lanyin's calf appeared in front of his eyes. Huo Lanyin went home with Wei Zhan as he wished. Huo Lanyin does apply scar medicine every night. On the other hand, if she doesn't go back tonight, Ying Shi and Uncle Feng's family will be very worried. As for Wang Jingxing? Huo Lanyin knew that she could not mention Wang Jingxing in front of Wei Zhan now. And she was not worried about Wang Jingxing's safety, she knew that even if Wei Zhan hated Wang Jingxing again, he would not want his life or harm him in other ways, but would only drive him away. Huo Lanyin's return really relieved Yingshi and Uncle Feng's family. Girl The warbler looked at Huo Lanyin worriedly and swept Wei Zhan warily. Who the hell is this man? Uncle Feng clenched the broom in his hand. It seems that if Huo Lanyin says Wei Zhan is a bad person, even if he fights for his life, he will protect Huo Lanyin. He is my husband. "Huh?" Uncle Feng is confused. He is not the only one who is confused? The four members of the Feng family and Ying Shi were all confused. With a smile on his face, Huo Lanyin said, "Today's misunderstanding has made everyone worried. It's really nothing.". It's getting late. Let's all go back and rest.
” Wei Zhan glanced at the smile between Huo Lanyin's eyebrows and eyes, and slowly turned the wrench on his thumb. At night, Huo Lanyin was puzzled. With her knowledge of Wei Zhan, she knew that it was impossible to refuse to sleep with him. But she had been in bed with him so many times that she didn't feel much. After bathing and grooming, Huo Lanyin lay on the inside of the bed and closed his eyes. She was looking forward to Wei Zhan's coming back from the bath, and she was already asleep. When Wei Zhan came back, Huo Lanyin had indeed gone to bed. Wei Zhan stood beside the bed and called her twice. She frowned, but did not open her eyes. Wei Zhan pierced her with a silver needle to help her sleep. The next day, Huo Lanyin got up late again. I heard that my wife used to miss her husband and couldn't sleep at night, but now that her husband is by her side, she sleeps soundly. Wei Zhan said slowly. Chapter 77 Huo Lanyin thought what nonsense Wei Zhan said. Think of him and become ill? How is that possible. But she could not help frowning. In the past six months, she really couldn't sleep well every night, and nightmares often accompanied her. But she did sleep very deeply last night and the night before. There was a thunderstorm outside, and from time to time there was a roar of thunder exploding around. If in the past, this light sleep can not sleep well, if she meets a rainy night, she will not be able to sleep. But the rain outside today did not know when it began to fall, but she did not hear it at all. Why do you sleep so deeply? Inexplicable. Huo Lanyin looked doubtfully at Wei Zhan. The light in the room was still on, and the room covered by the window curtain was warm and soft. He was wearing a loose snow-colored bedclothes, his eyes were closed,china tile trim, and he had not been out of bed this morning. Huo Lanyin looked at Wei Zhan's face carefully. Although she had seen the face earlier, she would not have looked at him so closely these days. Huo Lan Yin is very confused, how can he grow into this red lips and white teeth? It was nothing like the Wei Zhan she had imagined.

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