What is the average rice purity score for girls?

What is the average rice purity score for girls?

Сообщение kevthomp106 14 окт 2023, 06:35

The rice purity score is a test that little kids take to see how "pure" they are. It is a 100-question test that covers many focuses, from associations with sex to drugs and alcohol. The rice purity test for tiktokers relies upon the quantity of requests the young woman that reactions "yes" to. The dispersal of Rice Perfection Scores for young women is shown in the outline underneath. The normal score is 71.5, meaning most young women could be more clean.

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Re: What is the average rice purity score for girls?

Сообщение samlane56 16 окт 2023, 11:37

I think so, it should be round about 73%.

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