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Dumb Witness _ Agatha Christie _ txt Fiction Paradise

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"Eh bien" (This is French. It means, uh, okay. & # 8212; ) & # 8212; & # 8212; Since we are so strange ! My answer to these two questions is: : It's none of your business! Hercule, Monsieur Poirot 。 Cane vousregarde pas (This is French. It means: stay out of this. & # 8212; )。” Poirot watched her carefully for a moment, then stood up without any sign of disappointment. That's right! Oh, well, maybe that's not surprising. Allow me to congratulate you, Miss, on your French pronunciation. Good morning to you, too. Go, Hastings. When we reached the door, the girl spoke again. I think of her metaphor of a whip hanging high. She did not leave her position,Nail machine manufacturer, but the two words she uttered were like a gentle whip. Come back She said. Poirot came back slowly. He sat down again and stared at her inquiringly. Let's stop acting. She said, "Perhaps you will be of use to me, Hercule Poirot." 。” I'm honored to hear you say that, miss. What can I do for you? ?” Between two puffs of cigarette smoke, she said very calmly: "Tell me how to invalidate a will." "You're looking for a lawyer." Yes,nail manufacturing machine, to a lawyer, perhaps, if I knew such a useful one. 。 And the lawyers I know are very decent people! They told me that my aunt's will was in accordance with the legal formalities, and that any attempt to refute it would be futile and wasteful! "You don't believe what they say?" "I believe that everything will find a solution & # 8212; & # 8212; as long as you don't care about morality." And ready to spend money. I'm going to spend money. "You take it for granted that if you give me money, I'm going to be amoral?" I find that most people do! I don't see why you should be an exception. Of course, people always advocate keeping their chastity, and first of all, keeping their integrity, and never accepting bribes easily. You're absolutely right. That's part of my play, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Iron Nail Making Machine, isn't it? But suppose I'm ready to be amoral. What do you think I can do? ?” I don't know. But the street knows you're a smart guy. You can come up with some tricks. "What kind of stratagem?" Theresa & # 183; Arundel Shrugged 。“ That's your business. You can steal the original will and replace it with a forged one.. You can also kidnap Lawson and intimidate her into admitting that she bullied Miss Emily into writing a new will. Then he produced a copy of the will that Emily had written on her sickbed. "Your rich imagination astounds me, miss." "Well, what do you say now?"? I'm straightforward enough. If you refuse with a straight face, here is the door, and you may go. "Not to refuse with a straight face now, however." ……” Said Poirot. Theresa Arundel laughed. 。 She looked at me. "Your friend," she said, "looks dumbfounded.". Shall we let him go out and take a walk in the street? Poirot said to me a little angrily: "I beg you, control your good, righteous nature, Hastings." "I beg you to forgive my friend, Mademoiselle," he told Theresa. As you can see, he is honest and faithful. He is infinitely loyal to me. But, in any case, I want to emphasize one thing. "He stared at her vigorously." Whatever we do must be strictly within the limits of the law.
” She raised her eyebrows slightly. "But the law," said Poirot thoughtfully, "has a great breadth." " 'i Understand, 'she smiled.' Well, we all understand that. Would you like to discuss how much money you can get if we succeed in the end? If you get the money? "This too can be agreed.". Give me some nice little things. That's all I need. All right? "It's a deal," Theresa said. Poirot leaned forward and said: "Listen, miss, I usually handle ninety-nine cases out of a hundred according to the law." 。 The hundredth & # 8212; & # 8212; This hundredth one is different. Simply put, the hundredth case usually has a lot of oil and water. But it has to be done in secret, you know, in very secret. 。 My reputation cannot be damaged by this. I have to be careful. Theresa & # 183; Arundel nodded. 。“ So, I should have all the facts in the case! I should know the truth! You know very well that once a man knows the truth, it is easier for him to know what lies to tell. "It seems very reasonable." That's good. Now tell me, when was your aunt's will written? "April 21." "When was the last will written?" "Aunt Emily wrote a will five years ago." "Its provisions are.." "One part to Ellen,wire nail machine manufacturers, the other part to the cook who was here before, and all her property to her brother Thomas and her sister Arabella's children." "Is the money entrusted to someone else?" "No, it is left to us unconditionally." "Now be more careful.". Did you know the terms of this will before? 。 3shardware.com

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