President, he's paranoid.

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President, he's paranoid.

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"I'm just your toy, and you're my master. Even if you don't give yourself to me, you can get mine." From the beginning, there was no equivalence between him and her. So even if she doesn't have to pay anything, she can still get him, and he will never betray her! When he finished this sentence, he suddenly felt her hand clasping his shoulder, and the next moment, she had pressed him under her body. His back was against the bed, and she was straddling him, making his body even hotter. She bent her upper body and suddenly smiled. "Yes, if I just want to get you, it's really easy. When I want to play, I can play with you casually. If I don't want to play, I can throw you aside. Then one day there will be a more beautiful toy than you, which I like more, and I will abandon you completely." As she spoke, the index finger of her right hand glided gently over his chest, brushing his skin with her fingertips, as if teasing and punishing, "Yao, do you really just want to be a toy?" No, it's not. He's actually.. He doesn't just want to be her toy,collapsible pallet box, he wants to be her important existence, will make her miss, will make her feel indispensable, "Don't." Throw me aside, and don't.. Abandon me. He gasped and almost struggled to get his real thoughts out of his mouth. That's good. She smiled, but her fingers went all the way down to a deeper place. As her fingers slid up and down, he gasped even more. "Don't.." If it goes on. "" He'll lose control of himself, and once instinct takes over. "What will happen if it goes on like this?" She lowered her head and looked down at him. The way he gasped, the way his body trembled because of her caress,plastic pallet price, the way his black hair pressed against his cheek, and the faint crimson of his body made her want to continue watching, and made her feel that he was extremely "delicious". It seems that he really has some bad taste, Bai Yueran thought so, his lips pressed against each other's chest. Hold it, nibble it, suck it, and make his body tremble even more. Yao, do you know? Since I let you call my name, I no longer regard you as my toy, but the man I want to love. She murmured, "I won't have another toy in the future. For me, I'm past the age of wanting toys now." As she spoke, the tip of her tongue suddenly licked her lower jaw again, and then ran down his lower jaw and lingered on his Adam's apple, which seemed to be his sensitive band. Every time she licked it, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, his Adam's apple would slide violently and his panting would become louder, making her like a child who had found a treasure house, constantly exploring his sensitive place. Ran Ran. His voice was hoarse, his body was already crimson, his hands were deeply immersed in the bedding, the veins on the back of his hands were bulging, and it was obvious that he was using the strength of his whole body to restrain his gaze. If you want me, it's no use just calling my name. Her voice, like a feather, touched something deep in his heart. The next moment, he rolled over violently and pressed her under him again. Beads of sweat as big as beans fell from his forehead, his eyes, blurred and persistent, and this bottomless desire and. Worry. He wanted her so much that he could easily hurt her if he was not careful. She seemed to see through his concerns, took the initiative to embrace his neck, the body tightly against him, "I am not as delicate as you think." Her words destroyed his last trace of strength. However, when she really did it, Bai Yueran could not help frowning, painful, more painful than she had expected. But these pains, she can endure, want to really give himself to him, want to give him happiness, so this pain, is the only way. He stopped and kissed her brow. "Does it hurt?" Even under such circumstances, he still noticed her discomfort. Not that bad.
"Her brows slowly stretched," the first time will always hurt, you continue to be good, should not be so painful later. She has read relevant books, which can be used as some reference at this moment. When each other reached the peak, Cang moved his body, and when Bai Yueran suddenly realized what he was going to do, he clasped his waist. Ran Ran! There was an extreme contortion in his expression, and his body was trembling. "Let go.." I can't help it. "It doesn't matter." She gasped, her face and body equally stained with crimson. In that case, it will. "It would be nice to have a child like you." She said so, this is their first time for each other! Volume 13 [810] Bai Yueran looked at Cang Yao lying beside her and remembered that the book said that men were the most vulnerable and undefended at this time. Her fingers pushed aside the hair on Cang Yao's face and kissed his straight nose and sexy thin lips. "Yao, I'm yours." His eyelids rose slowly, and her amber pupils were full of her beautiful face. "I'm yours, too." He smiled, and it was a comfortable and contented smile. From now on, he will try harder to live for her. ———— When Bai Yueran woke up the next day, Cang Yao had already woken up. Last night, when she was sore, he recovered faster than she did. Finally, he carried her to the bathroom, helped her take a bath, and carried her back to bed. At this moment, Bai Yueran saw that Cang Yao had changed his clothes, and there was still a suit of women's clothes beside the bed. I asked the hotel clerk to buy it according to your size. It should fit. Do you want to get up now? Cang Yao bent over Bai Yueran. Uh She mumbled and sat up,plastic pallet crates, trying to take the clothes at the head of the bed, but he was one step ahead of her. I'll do it. He said, and began to help her dress.

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