Vast rivers and lakes

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Vast rivers and lakes

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"Really?" Said Zhao Yufei? "Look at Miss Xiaochun's character. It's really a talent that can be made." Wang Haihua laughed and said, "The world is at peace. Girls practice martial arts and want to roar like lions to the east of the river." Like a swan, the boat glided lightly to the opposite pavilion in the middle of the lake. Zhao Yufei's heart, but thinking of another thing, eyes intentionally or unintentionally swept Xiaochun's hands. As soon as an expert stretches out his hand, he knows whether he has it or not. Here refers to the hand, of course, refers to the bright hand, but also from the shape of the hand, to see some clues, it is difficult to escape the estimation of the superior. More than a mile away from the pavilion in the middle of the lake, a magnificent boat is slowly slanting in the direction of Xiaoliuzhou in the south. The shadow of the boat is clearly visible, and the sound of string and bamboo is very pleasant to listen to. As the sun rises, the light mist on the lake gradually dissipates, and the colorful morning glow, through the light mist shadow, conjures up a very beautiful glow. The boat seems to be bathed in this colorful haze. Through the bright window, we can see that there are many men and women in the boat, the women are playing the piano, and the soul-stirring melody is flowing up and down the lake. Then came a wonderful song, a chorus of two clear and mellow voices: "The empty water is facing the slanting light, the winding island is boundless and green; the horse hisses on the waves to see it go, and the people by the willows rest and wait for the boat to return.". A few clumps of sand and grass, a group of gulls scattered, thousands of hectares of rivers and fields flying along a line; who knows to look for Fan Li by boat, the smoke and water of the five lakes alone forget the machine. Zhao Yufei was stunned. He looked out of the window and asked Wang Haihua,impact beam tubes, who was watching the boat, "Brother Wang, do you know the people on that boat?" Wang Haihua smiled coldly and said, "Who in this city doesn't know that ship and the people on it?" Zhao Yufei said, "Isn't it strange to be in the West Lake in Hangzhou and sing poems about Lizhou in Sichuan?" "It's not just weird," said Wang Haihua. "It's domineering." Zhao Yufei said with a smile, "Brother Wang, do you mean the people on that boat are overbearing?" "Yes," said Wang Haihua,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "it seems that they are also going to the pavilion in the middle of the lake. Instead of mooring, let's sail to Wangxian Bridge and go to Huagang to watch the fish." Huagang Guanyu is at the southernmost end of the Su Causeway, and Wangxian Bridge is the first bridge of the Su Causeway. According to the current position of the ship, if we change to Wangxian Bridge, we will have to sail in the opposite direction of the coming ship, which may be half a mile away. Confused, Zhao Yufei asked, "What does it have to do with us if they go to the pavilion in the middle of the lake?" "That's the boat of the Zhang family in Wulin. It's very overbearing," said Xiaoqiu, who was pouring tea on one side. Wang Haihua said, "Zhang Long and Zhang Hu, the brothers of the Zhang family, are born with divine power and are highly skilled in martial arts. They keep a lot of thugs. They recruit outlaws in Jianghu. They run amuck in the countryside and bully people. They beat people who don't like them to death at every turn. So we'd better avoid them so as not to get into trouble." Zhao Yufei said, "Of the four great families in your place, the Zhang family is the only one in the martial arts world. It is inevitable that people who practice martial arts have a strong personality.". As far as the brothers know, although the children of the Zhang family are all practicing martial arts, they have a wide circle of friends, and their friends are complicated. It seems that there is nothing happening in the fish village. In the past, side impact door beams ,aluminium coated tubes, the friendship between Zunfu and Zhangfu was quite deep. Today, listening to Brother Wang's tone, it seems that there is a strong reaction, which is very puzzling to the brothers. As Wang Haihua gave the order to change the voyage, he said with a wry smile, "In the past, the friendship between the two families was indeed quite deep. But half a year ago, on the pretext of re-training the strong people, the Zhang family attracted a lot of snake gods and cow ghosts of unknown origin. They often gathered around to harass places, saying that they were helping the government to investigate rapists and murderers, which made the villages and towns restless.". My father had advised them many times not to make a mountain out of a molehill, but instead of listening, they blamed my father for meddling in other people's affairs, so they were very unhappy, and the two families broke off contact from then on. Chapter 20 Yufei meets Shuangmei in Hangzhou. "So that's it," said Zhao Yufei suddenly. "Brother Wang, do you know what unusual behavior the outsiders in and out of the Zhang family have?" Wang Haihua shook his head and said, "Brother, I'm not interested in this kind of person. I've never paid attention to it.". At the same time, I heard that from time to time there are people in and out of the Zhang family at midnight. They are all mysterious people who can come and go high. Who dares to ask questions regardless of their lives? During the conversation, the boat of the Zhang family was within a hundred paces, and the two sides were about thirty paces apart, so they had to miss each other. Both sides could see the people on the other side's boat, and Zhao Yufei's face suddenly changed. Wang Haihua did not notice the change of Zhao Yufei's face, and his eyes fell on a bearded man sitting on the front deck of the ship.
Zhao Yufei's eyes, however, fell on the young girl playing the guqin in the cabin, and her face suddenly changed, even more than when she saw the bearded man just now. Wang Haihua withdrew his gaze and said to Zhao Yufei, "The big bearded man on the deck is Xu Biao, the master of the Zhang family, who has amazing martial arts skills." Zhao Yufei asked in a low voice, "Which one is the young master of the Zhang family?" Wang Haihua said, "The young man with a red face on the left side of the back window is Zhang Hu, the second son of the Zhang family. He is so powerful that he can run a bull with his hands." Zhao Yufei asked again, "Who is the beautiful girl sitting on the side of the middle cabin playing the lute?" Wang Haihua suddenly turned his head and gazed at him. His eyes were so strange. He suddenly smiled and said, "Brother Zhao has a good eye. Have you taken a fancy to her?" Zhao Yufei blushed and said with a smile, "Brother Wang is joking.". My brother felt that she had a special charm, but he could not tell why, and the profile was clear and lovely. "Brother Zhao's taste is really extraordinary," said Wang Haihua. "That's the second lady from the Plum Garden in Gushan." "No wonder," said Zhao Yufei. "It's the Plum Garden of the Wu family. It's the two thousand gold of the Wu family in Gushan, one of the four great families." Wang Haihua said, "Her name is Yao, and her piano skills are superb. She is known as the first player in Hangzhou. She is also one of the two phoenixes in Hangzhou. The two phoenixes in Hangzhou are the two great beauties in this house." The two boats were thirty or twenty paces apart, and all the people on the Zhangjia boat looked at the passengers on the Wangjia boat. Xu Biao, a bearded man on the deck, stared at Zhao Yufei leaning out of the window with his big eyes shining in all directions. Miss Wu Er, one of the two phoenixes in Hangzhou, also smiled, and her smile was faintly discernible. Although she was thirty or twenty paces away, you could still see her brilliant face, which revealed ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings. With such a smile, she had turned her face, and a glimpse made Zhao Yufei's heart beat worse, and his face suddenly turned pale. He had completely seen the whole face of Miss Wu Er,stainless steel tube 304, and the heartstrings in his heart seemed to be suddenly seized and jerked, and the whole person suddenly shook, as if struck by lightning. The bright face in his eyes touched the scar in his heart.

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