A good man in the city

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A good man in the city

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Yu Yan smiled like a charming girl with a red face and politely reached out to guide him into the hall. Yu Yan said to the girl with a smile as he walked, "I want to recommend myself to work here. I don't know who I should look for." The girl saw that although he was dressed in ordinary clothes, his appearance was handsome, his temperament was gentle and kind, his expression was calm and calm, and he had a fresh taste. She was a little busy and said, "I'm sorry, sir. I'm just a waiter here.". If you would like to join us, please contact our personnel department during normal working hours. Yu Yan smiled and said, "Thank you!" Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she heard the girl say, "The western restaurant on the fifth floor seems to be recruiting service staff. You can try it." Yu Yan nodded and smiled at her to express his gratitude. The environment of the Western restaurant on the fifth floor is more elegant than that downstairs. There are many people who eat Western food. Half of them are foreigners and half of them are our compatriots. Yu Yan is absolutely no stranger to Western food. Western food and English are the most basic skills when carrying out missions abroad. Not only that, but also customs and diplomatic etiquette should be systematically studied. Yu Yan gave his ID card to the manager who was in charge of the interview. The manager, probably in his forties, said to Yu Yan in English, "Hello, please sit down. Can you introduce yourself briefly?" Such a simple little problem is not a problem for the genius Yu Yan. His voice is very standard,side impact door beams, but people can not tell whether it is a Washington accent or a London accent, which is also a special skill to prevent people from being mistaken for Washington or London "fellow-townsman" because of the sound problem. The manager was obviously satisfied with his English, and then switched to perfect Chinese and said, "Your English is very good!" " "Thank you," Yu said with a smile. "Although my English is good, I hope from the bottom of my heart that foreigners can speak Chinese to me." The manager smiled and said, "There will be a day.". Have you ever been abroad? Yu Yan nodded and said,beam impact tubes, "I've been there for a while, but not for a long time. I'm not used to the climate there, so I always like to engage in some small destructive activities." The manager laughed, and the young man was very funny. Then Yu Yan showed his skillful Western food skills to successfully handle the two mature steaks and put them into his mouth. For ordinary people, two mature steaks are bloody and hard to swallow, but for Yu Yan, it is not difficult. Raw snake meat and frogs can be swallowed into the stomach. This steak is simply too childish. The manager saw that his temperament was elegant and calm, but it was not the gentleman's etiquette in the West, but seemed to be gentle and elegant nurtured by traditional culture. He was also full of affection for this young man. He stood up and held his hand and said, "Welcome to become my new colleague. My name is Guo Yi.". You will be the assistant head waiter of our Western restaurant, working from 7:00 pm to midnight, and your monthly salary is tentatively set at 5, stainless steel 304 pipes ,aluminium coated steel tube,000. Do you have any questions? Yu Yan said with a smile, "Can you set the monthly salary at fifty thousand?" Guo Yi shook his head and said, "I'm afraid not for the time being." Yu Yan smiled and said, "Then I have no problem. I will go to work on time tomorrow night.". Thank you for your guidance! Yu Yan easily got a job with a monthly salary of five thousand. When he returned home, Hou Yun was reading a calculus book under the lamp. Yu Yan smiled and said, "Sister, you really love learning!" Hou Yun blushed and said, "I'm afraid I don't have enough time to study if I want to earn money by working in the future, so I want to have a look first.". Brother Yan, have you read these books? Yu Yan said with a smile, "I don't love learning as much as you.". I like to be lazy, and it's good to be able to read a few words. Hou Yun blushed and said, "Brother Yan, don't make fun of me.". I can't do anything but read. (The end of the novel chapter content-> small. Say 。 T! Xt-Paradise www.dxsxs.com. Chapter 24 "Abnormal" Martial Uncle (2) (Mobile phone interview) Yu Yan looked at her face and said seriously, "You can't underestimate yourself.". You are self-reliant and self-reliant, and you can support yourself by your own hands. There are few girls like you in this society. You are the strongest girl I have ever seen! Hou Yun lowered her head shyly and said, "Brother Yan, don't praise me.". By the way, I cooked green bean soup for you. Yu Yan said with a smile, "It seems that my elder brother is blessed to have such a girl who can take care of people.".
” Yu Yan finished the mung bean soup and licked the mung bean foam at the bottom of the bowl in an exaggerated way, and then tutted his mouth. Hou Yun looked at his mischievous appearance, blushing and smiling, and the long-lost feeling of family affection lingered in the bottom of her heart. Yu Yan told Hou Yun about going to the Western restaurant to apply for a job. Hou Yun said enviously, "Brother Yan, you are really awesome." Yu Yan shook his head and said, "It's nothing but working for others.". You have to remember that working is important, but health and study are more important. Now is the time for you to grow up and never eat only two steamed buns a day like before. There is no money to earn, but if the body is gone, there is nothing. He took one look at Hou Yun and said, "I have found two jobs now. Don't look for so many part-time jobs in the future. Don't worry about the money." Hou Yun felt a surge of heat in her heart and nodded with tears in her eyes. Yu Yan said with a smile, "From now on, you only need to go to the restaurant to work every day and come back at night to have a good meal and read books. You will gain 20 pounds in a month, or I will hide you at home and not allow you to go anywhere." Hou Yun blushed and said, "If you gain twenty pounds in a month, you will become a pig." Yu Yan looked her up and down: "Will there be such a thin pig?" Hou Yun, who was shy by nature, also threw herself angrily at Yu Yan and gave him a few light punches. The summer clothes were already thin. Hou Yun only wore a short shirt and threw herself on Yu Yan's body. She felt the heat coming from his body. She saw his bright eyebrows and starry eyes. His deep eyes seemed to be able to suck people in. Her mouth seemed to smile. The bad feeling made her heart jump like a rabbit. Her whole body was soft and weak. She buried her head in his chest and dared not lift it any more. Yu Yan felt two groups of soft nestled in front of his chest, Hou Yun's index finger unconsciously moved in front of his chest, and suddenly his mouth was dry and the Yang fire all over his body was floating up, and he cried out in his heart that it was not good to do bad things. He pushed Hou Yun away and said with a smile,precision welded tubes, "All right, I have to go to work tomorrow." Hou Yun's face was burning and she didn't dare to raise her head. She said "Good night, Brother Yan." She rushed into the room and closed the door. Then she leaned against the closed door and patted her chest and gasped for breath. cbiesautomotive.com

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