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"So I wanted to talk to my father several times. As long as my father and the whole family were safe, I would be the prince for a lifetime. What's the harm?"? But the father didn't listen, and the son was very depressed. This is more or less what he said in his heart. Whether you can be an emperor or not, you have to save your life. But even at this moment, no one believed that as a prince, the emperor's illness was sometimes so serious that he could not even deal with state affairs. Half of the time, he relied on the queen to deal with affairs. As soon as the prince grew up and had a reputation, the three people above did not move, and countless people below would take the initiative to push him up. Besides, how much truth can there be in the palace? Wu Zetian said how much truth, Li Wei is also half a gentleman, dare to say that I am through, after the mother is not abstemious, to do nv emperor, to kill many imperial clans, even sons and grandchildren are not spared? Li Wei added, "Therefore, when I have the ability, I am also thinking about my father and mother.". It is oneself, the father emperor lets the son minister supervise a country, the son minister supervises, do not let the son minister supervise a country, son minister just reads a book in east palace, go out to hunt at most. The reason why the two canals were built was that the project was large, the cost was high, and other ministers did not know how to use some of the means in the middle, and even if they did,14 needle valve, they did not dare to carry the burden. But, but.. My son wanted to tell his father and mother many times that if he was dissatisfied with my son, he should be removed from the post of crown prince, or even resign voluntarily, but my son had read some books, but he knew the fate of the deposed crown prince. This is the point of the problem, is not to argue, really waste prince can go to a state to do a safe king? Yes, fewer than giant pandas. Most of the deposed princes live for three or two years after demotion, deposed princes,needle valve manufacturer, or hold Li Xian or other princes, can sit and watch this famous eldest brother live in the world, and even parents will sit and watch them do it. There are few records in the history books, but why didn't those deposed princes live long after they were exiled? Besides, there are a few of these deposed princes who strive for success, and they are all afraid. Will they be more afraid of Li Wei? History books do not record, but to this level, Wu Zetian does not understand? Even Shangguan Waner will understand. So mom, you can't blame me for doing it. It's also yours. And deliberately said two canals, at this moment did not avoid this topic, said, is not the work of the two canals. To the worst, the success of the two channels is Xiang Zhuang's sword dance, which is intended for Pei Gong. Can think to the good, want to be a stable prince, also have to take out the capital. It wasn't my father who abdicated, it was me who wanted to protect myself. What benefits the country? Those grand words are not the topic, nor is it the time for the topic. "Mother," he added, 38 needle valve ,stainless steel needle valve, "what do you want me to do?" With that, Hao Tao burst into tears. Wu Zetian also cried loudly, but she cried loudly, so when Li Wei saw her mother's tears, he had to lie on the ground in shame, and then hated that his tear ducts were not developed. Wu Zetian cried and said, "Hong'er, why are you so stupid? An outsider is an outsider. You are always my own son." "Yes, it was my son who made a mistake." "Tomorrow you will have to apologize to your father. Your condition has improved slightly, but you are so angry that you are seriously ill again." "Yes." Wu Zetian just left. Unconvinced, Shangguan Waner said, "Your Highness, why do you want to apologize?" The big play had been staged, but Shangguan Waner was so old that she didn't understand it. Li Wei whispered, "Waner, you don't understand.". As soon as my mother came up, she asked me the bottom line, and I answered. I still continue to be filial to my father and mother. The reason why I was like that a few days ago was to protect myself. No other meaning. The mother said that the outsider was the outsider and the son was the son, and she also made a promise to me. But it has been deadlocked, and it is impossible for my father and mother to admit their mistakes to me. When my mother came here, she has already given me a step down, so I want to give my father and mother a bigger step down. Then there can be some treatment. Bea had not yet understood, and Waner did not quite understand either. Indeed, to be Wu Zetian's son and want to live is a life of high intelligence quotient. Li Wei also felt in his heart that over the past few years, his IQ has increased by at least ten points. It used to be 100 to 110, but now it is at least between 110 and 120. Actually also can not say, but the east palace of a few nv son let him not at ease, bi er mind is simple, the world view in the eyes is always black and white, learn not to come.
After Waner faintly saw it, she was a little scheming, but she was too old. So stir up the seedlings, teach, in the future harem will not think so long, just want to protect themselves, there is a calculating nv person in the east palace, when he is not in the east palace, can be a little relieved. Waner is still a little older, and it would be better if she was six or seven years older. Immediately saw, Wu Zetian went back not long, Li Zhi revoked the imperial edict forbidding Li Wei to leave the palace, guarding the number of guards in the East Palace, also left. Many well-informed people know that the prince and the queen have made a "peace agreement", but it is not known what it is. In fact, even if the whole process is spread out, there may not be many people guessing it. But the prime ministers breathed a sigh of relief, also want to reconcile the two sides, and then deadlocked, had to die. The next day, Li Wei went to the palace to visit Li Zhi and pleaded guilty. Even if you are not guilty, you have to ask. Li Zhi was silent for most of the day and said, "Go down." Not very satisfied. Li Wei is not very satisfied, although this will slightly suppress the mother's ambition to expand, but has cut a deep gully between the three of them. But up to now, he seldom resented his mother, who was ambitious and ambitious, in the final analysis, was connived by his father. Start waiting for the next move. So the imperial edict was issued again and again. First, Zhao was solemnly buried again. This was a great concession. After all,brass tube fitting, it was tantamount to publicly refuting Wu Zetian's previous arrangement. Then the claustrophobic Zhao's eunuchs were all executed, and a scapegoat had to be found. So Wu Chengsi said that fairness was only used to bewitch people's hearts. Seeing so many social systems, Li Wei did not find the word "fairness". It's just that some systems are more sanctimonious.

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