The life of Mother Teresa

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The life of Mother Teresa

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Spiritual poverty was the main spirit of the "Little Brotherhood", and Francis and his little brothers had nothing but a long gray coarse cloth coat, two pairs of trousers, a rope to tie the coat, and nothing else. They gave up all the wealth and luxury of the world in order to fully imitate Christ and serve the poor and the outcast. After his death, people throughout the ages, including some who were not religious, agreed that Francis was one of the greatest saints and the most perfect of the imitators of Christ. He has influenced countless successors, including our beloved Delamurm. In fact, Delamuram's life is very similar to Francis's in many ways. Her choice of poverty and simplicity, her dedication to the teachings of Christ, her complete trust in God, her firm belief in serving the poorest of the poor, and so on. Moreover, Francis was an extremist – or even a heretic – at that time, because he lived as a beggar, believed in God's protection, closely followed the teachings of the Gospels,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, and reformed his religion within his own organization, but did not break with the church. Even in the 20th century, she was a radical — a strong and charismatic female leader under the patriarchal authority of the church. The order Francis founded is one of the largest in the world, as is Delamuram's, and it's in Calcutta, India. Kolkata is arguably one of the poorest and most polluted cities in Asia, and one of the most difficult. Francis founded the Order of Women after he founded the Order of Men,Flush valve price, and so did Delamurm, who founded the order of Women before she founded the order of Men. Not only that, but the order of Francis grew into a larger family, the Third Order of Francis, while the order of Delamurm separated out the secular branch, her volunteer or assistant members. They all took a simple and simple path, thus opening up a new possibility for the Christian faith. Not only that, but Francis is said to be a particularly magical man. He calls small fish and crickets brothers; he calls cicadas sisters; he picks up insects when he sees them and puts them in the grass to prevent them from being trampled; he prepares enough honey and wine in the woods so that bees will not starve to death in the cold winter; Walking in the snow-covered forest, he did not care whether the cold dead branches would scratch him, but he accidentally broke the exquisite and beautiful branches and leaves. He loved all things so deeply. For to him all things are incarnations of God. Later, everything was touched by him and fed back the same deep love to him. It is said that when he was in retreat on an island, a hare always followed him, and was inseparable; that when he was in Siena, Time Delay Faucet ,Flushometer valve, a flock of sheep followed him, and meekly cried to him and trusted him; that once, when sailing in a lake, a fish chased his ship and refused to leave for a long time; that even the jackal was willing to listen to him and be his brother; As for the birds, they like him even more. When he preached, the birds scrambled to rest on his head, shoulders, legs, feet, and palms, and some even hid in the folds of his clothes. Those who did not get a place landed in the open space in front of him, raised their lovely little heads, looked at Francis, and listened attentively to him. It is said that on one occasion, when Francis was preaching in a city, a flock of swallows were making a lot of noise under the eaves. Francis said to them, "Sister swallows, you have talked enough. Now it is time for me to talk about the Lord." The voice did not fall, the swallows immediately quiet. Francis is also a poet. The prayer for peace that we saw earlier, written by Francis, is arguably the most beautiful and beloved prayer in the world. After Francis's death in 1226, the prayer "Lord, make us instruments of peace" resounded through Assisi and then around the world. At the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony in December 1979, Delamu sent a "prayer for peace" to each participant and invited everyone to pray together for the peace of all mankind.
Little Gong Sha, 12 years old, on that beautiful moonlit night, holding St. Francis of Assisi? Biography of Assisi Looking at the bright moon in the sky, I secretly made such a vow. But at that time, she didn't really know what she should do, and she didn't want to be a nun. Seeds of love were planted in her rich heart. In 1925, little Gong Sha was 15 years old. This year, she attended a youth seminar group at her church. The group is called the Congregation of Our Lady. There was nothing special about it at that time. Because a lot of girls in the city are taking part. But the researchers of Mother Teresa believe that this is a turning point for Gong Sha to become Mother Teresa. There are many activities of the Notre Dame Church, one of which is often held to read the letters sent back by Jesuit missionaries from Bangladesh, India and other places. In addition to describing the religious affairs there, the letters also talked about the social conditions there. One letter said: "Life here is so poor that even a hard-hearted person will cry when he sees it. The people are very poor. Thousands of people die of hunger every day." Thousands of people? Every day? My Lord! Little Gong Sha was so surprised that her heart almost stopped. She could hardly believe that somewhere in the world there was such great poverty and suffering. She could no longer be calm-could not pretend that she had not heard the news. She began to think about it and dimly realized that maybe she could do something about it. Since then, the words in the missionary's letter have been lingering in Gong Sha's mind, lingering, or more accurately, never disappearing for a moment. Later, she even began to miss that place, as if she missed her hometown,Time Delay Tap, as if those struggling in suffering were her relatives. Such thoughts made her calmer and more fond of thinking. While the girls of her age were playing happily on the playground, she sat quietly with a Bible in her hand, or walked silently under the tree.

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