Zhu Xian txt full edition fine collation edition

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Zhu Xian txt full edition fine collation edition

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Dharma looked awestruck and did not dare to be careless. The beads of reincarnation flew halfway. In an instant, the golden light shone and quickly blocked two of the shadows, but one of them still came through the golden light. Dharma phase "hey", suddenly and pointed like a knife, white palm flat out, aimed at the flying shadow, a shout: "toot!" The shadow suddenly trembled violently in midair. After a moment, it fell from the air as if it had been hit hard. It was a small black snake with a triangular head. It was obviously poisonous. It fell to the ground and struggled and twisted a few times. There was no movement. I thought it was dead. Qin Wuyan was stunned. He nodded his head in praise and said, " 'Calm the supernatural power'!"! You really deserve to be the first descendant of the Buddhist Tianyin Temple. I really admire the master for his high morality. However, I don't know if the Buddha will blame the master for killing at will. Before the Dharma Prime Minister could speak, Lin Jingyu was already struggling to attack Qin Wuyan in front of him, enveloping him in a blue light. He sneered, "You evil spirits usually kill countless people and do endless evil, but at this time you question others with a righteous face. You are really shameless!" Qin Wuyan laughed, evading the invincible edge of the Dragon Sword, and fought back with the clear light of the lovesickness dagger. At the same time, his right hand shook, and in a moment seven or eight shadows flew out of his sleeve, brown, black, dark red, and red and yellow. With the light of the magic weapon, everyone could only see that they were all kinds of scorpions, centipedes, and other highly poisonous things. They rushed toward Fa Xiang one after another, blocking him in the distance for a moment and unable to come over. Everyone is dumb for it, the heart way demon religion sorcerer really evil door,plastic laminated tube, so many poisonous insect monster hidden in the body, also not afraid to be eaten back, one of the people in the distance Zeng Shushu thought the farthest, unexpectedly thought of in case by the same door those elder martial sisters see this countless poisonous insect, do not know will not be scared of the whole body weak, even the magic weapon also can not lift up? The thought flashed past him, and as soon as he loosened his hand, he was nearly bitten by a giant ant at his feet. Fortunately, he only bit the edge of his shoe. The surprise was no small matter,plastic laminted tube, and he hurried to deal with it. But he and Li Xun at the same time to deal with the numerous giant ants, the pressure is too great, this moment, the two of them killed hundreds of giant ants, but these animals seem to be endless in general, still come in succession. Ceng Shushu and Li Xun looked at each other and saw a retreat in each other's eyes. Ceng Shushu was about to turn around and urge the other side, but out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly found a slight blue flash in the depths of the forest. He was stunned subconsciously! Qin Wuyan frowned in front of him, almost at the same time, with the intention of retreating in his heart. The four people present today are really difficult to deal with. The giant ant of the Dead Ze, who was thought to be invincible in the front, was unexpectedly resisted by the two people. They couldn't go beyond the limits for a long time. The attack of the Dragon Sword in the hands of the Qingyun Disciple in front of him is really the only one I have ever seen in my life. From time to time, I saw him use an indomitable sword without leaving any way out. It was really a headache. And all kinds of poisons over there, it seems that also can't stop the law for long, if wait for this person to come over, I'm afraid the situation has gone. Qin Wuyan was the most proud disciple of the Poison God. Although he was young, he was very decisive. At the moment, he made a prompt decision. His right hand shook, and three alien toads flew out to entangle the Dharma. His right hand cut Acacia Qinghui Dasheng. Suddenly, custom cosmetic packaging ,tube lip gloss, he launched a large-scale counterattack. The offensive was so fierce that even Lin Jingyu had to step back a few steps. Taking advantage of this moment, Qin Wuyan suddenly got up and stayed away from the others. "Let's call it a night.." he said with a long smile. Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly heard Zeng Shushu shouting in front of him, "Elder Martial Sister Lu, stop this man.." Qin Wuyan was taken aback, and out of the corner of his eye he saw a sudden blue light in the darkness next to him. Although he was not confused, he was already in front of the blue light. He was confident that even if the sword was powerful, he could resist it. Unexpectedly, in the dark night, although the blue light rose, but in the shrill wind, suddenly the whole world was silent for a moment, from the other side of the darkness, a silent cold feeling came, and hit him on the right side of his body. Rao is Qin Wuyan has always been careful, but eventually in this flash of lightning to eat a dark loss, "wow" a spray of the eldest brother out of a mouthful of blood, chest skirt all dyed red.
At this critical moment of life and death, he took a strong breath. In a moment, his right arm kept ringing. In the blink of an eye, dozens of poisonous monsters were released to block the crowd. The figure flew far back at the same time. After a while, his resentful voice came from the distance. His breath was already insufficient, but it was very mournful. He said in a harsh voice: "Gui Li, you are cruel!"! The revenge of this stick will be settled in the future. Mutation suddenly came into being, the presence of all the people were stunned for a while, but Qin Wuyan suddenly disappeared, the field of countless giant ants out of control for a while, but such ferocious things have always eaten and killed, but more ferociously rushed up, Ceng Shushu and Li Xun could not resist, a moment later even the law and Lin Jingyu were surrounded. The blue light rose in midair and froze slightly in the air. Suddenly, regardless of the people in the forest, it rushed into the darkness on the other side like running thunder and lightning. Someone there snorted, then Xuanqing light up, but did not mean to fight, immediately turned away, the blue light was refused to give up, immediately tracked away. The two men practiced Taoism so much that in a twinkling of an eye, only a glimmer of light was left, and in another moment, even the shadow was gone. The French and other people in the field shouted and flew up together, leaving the ground. The giant ants had no rivals, and many of their companions died for nothing. They thought they were very angry and roared into the air. Fa Xiang and others were too lazy to care about the animals below, so they hurriedly raised their eyes to search. Unexpectedly, after a while, the forest was dark again. The two shadows, one blue and one blue, did not know where they had gone. They could not help looking at each other! After a while, Tseng Shu-shu suddenly said in a low voice, "Is that him?" Fa Xiang was silent for a moment. His eyes turned to a complicated look, but he finally sighed and said, "It should be him!" The two of them looked at each other and looked at Lin Jingyu at the same time, only to see the young man standing in the air, the night wind blowing, blowing his clothes hunting, handsome face, no expression, but a pair of eyes,metal cosmetic tubes, kept staring at the dark forest, stunned! The night is deep. There was silence in the ancient forest, as if the sound of insects in the depths of darkness had suddenly disappeared. emptycosmetictubes.com

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